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How to choose zinc alloy door

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Doors and windows must be installed after the house is decorated. Everyone's requirements for the materials of doors and windows are different. Then, when we choose, we can first see if the zinc alloy door is good, and we must choose a good door when buying. Installation, otherwise there will be quality problems in the later stage. Secondly, everyone needs to know what methods we choose, and we must choose according to the method.

1.Is the zinc alloy door good?

The zinc alloy door is good. The zinc alloy door will not rust during use. The zinc metal will form a passivated protective layer on the metal surface, which is easy to be shaped in production. You can choose suitable accessories according to your preferences. For installation, usually it can be used for a long time, but you need to pay attention to the thickness at the time of purchase.

Many consumers will choose zinc alloy doors when they buy doors, because zinc alloy doors are very durable and have a longer service life. It can be used for about 15 years, that is to say within 15 years We don't need to replace the door at home, which is more cost-effective, and the material of the zinc alloy door is also more environmentally friendly, and there will be no formaldehyde on it.


2. How to choose the door

(1) Style: The inner door is the face of the entire home environment. It is consistent with the design style of the entire home and is the basis for the selection of the inner door; door core board: solid wood grid keel, corrugated paper, frame filled with polyfoam, bridge hole mechanics board Among others, the comprehensive ability of the bridge tunnel mechanics board is the best;

(2) Door panels and door covers: Some consumers think that the thicker the better, it is actually wrong. The solid wood composite door is made of natural solid wood, and its light weight can reach 50% of the weight of the pure solid wood door of the same specification; special sealing strip for inner door: only a few large brands in China provide special sealing strip for inner door;

(3) Hardware: small details such as locks and hinges will also directly affect the comfort of the inner door; use of glue: see whether special expansion glue for doors and windows is used;

(4) From the general color perspective, when the overall color of the house is warm, the color of the wooden door should be warm. When the overall color is cool, the lighter color is better. This is from the overall perspective, of course, but also subdivided into furniture, walls, floors, etc.


(5) Wooden doors should be in harmony with the color of the furniture, so as to maintain the overall beauty. At the same time, the color of the wall should also be considered. If the wall color is relatively light, it is advisable to choose a wooden door with mixed oil white, so as not to make the space monotonous. Of course, when you have a bad choice in the color of wooden doors, it is best to choose white wooden doors. White wooden doors are the easiest to coordinate with other colors.

In the introduction of this article, I mainly looked at whether the zinc alloy door is good or not. The door of this material is still quite good, because this kind of door will not rust during the use process. , The metal surface forms a passivation protective layer. If you want to buy a door that does not rust, you can choose this material. Similarly, you also know how to choose the door.

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