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How to choose your own door

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In home decoration, the door is an indispensable part. When people choose a door, the main consideration is the material and style of the door. Today we are going to talk about the material selection of the door and how to choose the door.

1. Introduction to common doors

(1) Ecological door

Common solid wood doors and hinged doors are all ecological doors. The ecological door is very healthy and environmentally friendly. From production materials to production processes, there are strict standards. Its materials are also renewable resources and are very environmentally friendly.


(2) Pure solid wood door

Pure solid wood doors use pure solid wood materials. Such doors have high material purity and high prices. But the quality is very good, and the decoration effect is very high-end atmosphere.

(3) Solid wood paint door

The color effect of the solid wood paint door is the best, and there are a variety of pattern decorations, which are more beautiful.

The solid wood paint door is made of natural logs, which are dried and processed, and the composite paint door has better brightness. Baking paint makes such solid wood doors more durable, not easy to wear, and long service life.

(4) Solid wood paint-free door

The solid wood paint-free door is a door that does not need to be painted. Common solid wood paint-free doors are affixed with PVC stickers. It does not need to be painted. Instead, the PVC process is added to the processing of the door, which is more environmentally friendly and healthy, and the production time is short.


2. How to buy doors

(1) Appearance

When buying a door, first distinguish the quality of the door from the appearance, check whether the whole and details of the door are neat and detailed, whether there are burrs on the surface, and whether the paint is even.

(2) Odor

The door of interior decoration should pay special attention to whether it has peculiar smell, and the door with pungent smell should be carefully selected. Some doors have many processing steps or poor wood paint quality, they will definitely smell.

(3) Sound

Listening to the sound is also a way to choose a door. When you knock on a door with good quality and sound insulation, the sound you hear is relatively clear and has no reverberation. If you synthesize a solid wood door, its quality is slightly worse, the sound is hollow, and the sound insulation is not good.

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