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How to choose the gate of a rural self-built house

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In today's self-built houses, the common doors are mainly aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, stainless steel and pure copper doors. Among these types of gates, if you have enough money, it is definitely the pure copper gate with classical atmosphere. If you put aside the pure copper gate, you have to choose from the other three gates, and you still have to look at your own wishes, because these three gates all have their own advantages and disadvantages.

1.First, the zinc alloy gate

The most worried thing about zinc alloy gate is its corrosion resistance, and it is difficult to guarantee that it will not rust for a long time, especially after being hit by other hard objects, so you must ensure its quality when choosing.


As for its advantages, it is also obvious. Because zinc alloy is easier to deform than stainless steel, it is richer in decorative patterns and other patterns. The most important thing is that the color of zinc alloy is not as monotonous as the stainless steel door. The copper tone is more textured and atmospheric. This may be one of the reasons why we fancy zinc alloy gates the most, and zinc alloy gates are also the lowest in price among these types of doors.

2. Again, the aluminum gate

To be honest, aluminum alloy doors may be the least distinctive of these three types of doors. When it comes to hardness and durability, it is inferior to stainless steel doors; when it comes to color, it is still inferior to zinc alloy. Of course, the degree of rust is still much better than zinc alloy.


So, on the whole, the aluminum alloy door can only be said to be the most medium-sized door among them, because it has neither major advantages nor major disadvantages!

3. Finally, the stainless steel gate

Stainless steel gates are generally strong, durable, corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant. Of course, at least you have to choose a reliable 304 or 316 stainless steel door when you choose, like the 202 stainless steel door, its quality is far worse.


The disadvantages of stainless steel doors are mainly expensive and the colors are not bright enough. Especially the pattern patterns of stainless steel doors are difficult to do as you want. This is also a relatively difficult problem for stainless steel doors.

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