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How to choose anti-theft door accessories?

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With the increasing awareness of people's safety, security doors have gradually entered more people's homes. The anti-theft doors on the market can be said to be dazzling, with uneven quality. Anti-theft doors play a vital role in the home environment, and the requirements for materials are very strict. Therefore, it is necessary to be cautious in the selection of details when buying security doors.

1. Pay attention to the hinge

The hinge is a component that connects the door and the door frame to each other. It mainly supports the door body and should have a certain anti-theft function. Unqualified anti-theft doors will also make hands and feet on the hinges, thinning the material and reducing the diameter. Such goods will "strike" within a year.

At present, the hinges used in anti-theft doors are generally built-in and external. Built-in hinges are suitable for external opening doors, external hinges are suitable for internal opening doors, and external hinges are used for internal opening doors. The diameter of the hinge shaft is generally greater than 12 mm. If the hinge is adopted The steel plate is rolled, and its closed side must be welded.


2. Choose a good "cat eye"

From the perspective of "cat's eye" material: zinc alloy is safer than plastic, and copper is better than zinc alloy. If the size requirements are met, copper cat eyes are generally used.

When buying cat eyes, pay attention to whether the clarity of the cat's eyes is clear. Many illegal businesses use recycled plastic to make cat eyeglass lenses. Not to mention the lack of clarity, they still release toxic and harmful gases, which seriously affect people's health. The higher the clarity, the simpler the material, which is generally made of new materials.

3. Carefully observe the weld

Inferior security doors that do not work well, the welds will be very rough, affecting the overall appearance. Attention should be paid to check for welding defects, such as open welding, unsoldering, and missing welding. Check whether the fit between the door leaf and the door frame is dense, whether the gap is uniform, whether the opening is flexible, whether all joints are dense, whether the paint plating is uniform, firm, and smooth.


4. Inspection work after installation should be in place

After installing the anti-theft door, the user must check whether the accessories and information such as the key, insurance policy, invoice, and after-sale service form are consistent with the accessories and information provided by the anti-theft door manufacturer. When using the key to open the lock that has been installed on the door body, the lock core should be easy and flexible without jamming; the door should be flexible and free without jamming, abnormal noise, etc. during the 90-degree opening process.

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