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How to buy door handles

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Everyone wants to spend money on the knife's edge in home improvement. How to choose a suitable and cost-effective door handle for your new home? In a word, adjust measures to local conditions. For example, door locks must be sturdy and safe. The ones certified by the Ministry of Public Security are the best, while interior doors are more beautiful and convenient. The bedroom door and the living room door are not often closed or locked. You can buy a less frequent switch. Generally, 100,000 times is enough, and 200,000 times is a bit "overkill". The bathroom door locks, The frequency of switching and locking is higher, so buy door handles with better quality and higher switching frequency. In addition, health factors cannot be ignored when buying door handles. For example, the bathroom is suitable for copper handles. Although stainless steel door handles look clean, they actually breed thousands of bacteria, including Gram bacteria, E. coli, and streptococcus. The bacteria on brass door handles are much less than those on stainless steel door handles, because copper has the effect of destroying bacteria. Therefore, it is recommended that you install brass door handles in the bathroom at home, which is good for health.


In addition, when merchants recommend door handles to you, they are full of excitement and eloquence. You have to keep a little mind. Is it worth so much money? See if you have paid attention to these points:

1.High-end imported door handles are divided into a full set of imported and imported parts domestically assembled. The prices are different, so please pay attention to the distinction when buying. Furthermore, if the merchant says it is imported, he should be able to issue an entry form.

2. It is not that the more complex the structure, the more expensive the lock. A double tongue lock is not necessarily more expensive than a single tongue lock. Generally speaking, the safety factor of modern door locks has little to do with the complexity of the switch operation procedures. A simple lock may not be unsafe, and a very complicated lock may not be reliable. A reasonably designed door lock switch operation procedure should be clear and easy to operate.

3. The door handle of pure copper is not necessarily more expensive than stainless steel, it depends on the craftsmanship. Moreover, no matter how beautiful the plastic door handle is, it is best not to buy it, because it is not strong enough. Once it is broken, the door cannot even be opened.


4. Generally, at the same price point, the locks made in Taiwan are more flexible than the lock springs made in China.

5. The lock not only depends on the feel, but also whether it has a quality guarantee. Generally, it should be guaranteed for five years. After you have selected the door handle according to the situation at home, you should also pay attention to whether the installation method of the door handle is the same as the general one. If it is different, the merchant will usually specify when you buy it. For example, a certain lock is not from where to After loading, but from back to front. If you install it at home and the lock is damaged due to a program error, this is not a quality problem of the lock and is not covered by the warranty, that is to say, the merchant will not refund or exchange.

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