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How thick is the steel door and its advantages and disadvantages

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Nowadays, many families begin to use steel and wood doors as the entrance doors of new homes. The thickness safety of steel-wood doors has also begun to attract attention. So, how thick is the steel-wood door? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the steel-wood door? 1. How thick is the steel-wood door?

1. The thickness of the steel-wood door actually refers to the thickness of the steel plate. The thickness of the steel plate is also the best embodiment of its quality. The thickness of flat, bright and stable steel plate should be at least 0.5mm. At this thickness, its anti-collision and impact resistance capabilities are strong. And some black-hearted merchants are shoddy and use steel plates of about 0.3mm. Don't underestimate the 0.2 gap. The quality can be said to be very different. So when you buy, you must choose a steel-wood door with a thickness of 0.5mm or more.


2. Advantages and disadvantages of steel doors

(1) Advantages

①The performance of steel and wood doors in terms of aesthetics is very good. In production, the steel-wood door uses a unique heat transfer technology, and the craftsmanship level is quite high. The production process is more complicated than expected. The surface is electrostatically sprayed under chemical action, and the texture of natural wood can be shown after transfer. And the surface of the door has vivid patterns, round colors, delicate touch and long service life.

②Compared with solid wood doors, steel-wood doors not only have higher hardness, higher brightness, and are not easily deformed, they have better resistance to insects, stains, moisture, and heat resistance, easy maintenance, and durability.


③The steel door is green and environmentally friendly. When decorating, environmental protection has always been the focus of everyone's attention, and steel-wood doors fully meet the needs. The steel wooden door is colorless and tasteless, does not release harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, mercury, and does not pollute the environment without radiation. It is a very healthy and green door.

(2) Disadvantages

The steel door itself is not perfect, and there are some defects. Although the impact resistance of the steel-wood door is good, when the external force is slightly larger, it is easy to leave a small pit that cannot be restored. Steel-wood doors do not perform well in the humid climate in the south. High-density laminated steel plates are needed to prevent moisture. The texture of such steel plates needs to be strengthened and is not easy to maintain. Due to the irresponsible production process of steel and wooden doors, the market is flooded with fake and inferior products, which can hardly be distinguished by ordinary consumers.

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