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How about the steel entrance door? Is it suitable for long-term use?

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The entrance door is the first door to enter the family. It carries the important task of protecting the safety and property of every family member. The quality of the entrance door directly affects family life. Therefore, we must be cautious when choosing home entrance doors!

So what material should be chosen for the entrance door? There are two commonly used materials on the market today, steel security doors and wooden security doors. What are their advantages and disadvantages? Which one is more appropriate?

First of all, whether it is a wooden door or a steel door, if you choose an entrance door, safety is definitely the first consideration. So when we are shopping, we must not come to the door to save money on security!


There are many types of wooden doors. Among them, the solid wood composite door is more suitable for the entrance door. It has the characteristics of stability and resistance to deformation. But high-quality wooden entrance doors are usually very expensive. If you choose a lower-priced wooden entrance door, it will often shrink severely on the wood.

The steel door is composed of a steel door frame and a door leaf. The door leaf is filled with sound-proof and anti-collision materials, which are not easily deformed, durable, environmentally friendly and pollution-free. The steel door has a good anti-collision ability and is not easy Was destroyed by violence.

What are the advantages of steel entrance doors compared to wooden entrance doors?

1. Steel entrance doors are more moisture and corrosion resistant than wooden entrance doors.


2. The steel entrance door does not need to be painted and is more environmentally friendly than wooden doors.

3. The steel entrance door has stronger anti-collision ability and higher safety.

4. Under long-term use, the steel door will not deform, while the wooden door will.

Based on the above four points, steel doors are more suitable as entrance doors than wooden doors. Although wooden doors are more beautiful in appearance and have more choices, safety is more important than appearance.

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