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Furnishing details of the entrance door

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Generally speaking, the quality of a house's Feng Shui largely depends on the position and orientation of the entrance door. The entrance door is the entrance and exit of the family and the only way to connect the external space. It can also be considered as the trend of the family. A barrier for good to avoid evil. Therefore, the feng shui of the gate of the gate may affect a family's official career, academics, wealth, etc. Nowadays, the doors of many homes are set by the developers according to the practical functions, and generally cannot be changed. Therefore, only by paying attention to the decoration design, the purpose of turning harm into profit and avoiding evil can be achieved.


In China, red represents celebration. It gives people a feeling of joy and warmth like spring. Therefore, when decorating, it is best to open the door to see the red, that is, you can see the red screen, totem or illuminating the wall as soon as the door is opened. decoration.

There are green plants at the door, which means that you can see red flowers and green leaves after entering the door. It is now scientifically proven that the green field of vision is the largest and can instantly fill the space with vitality, so it can give people a sense of business and vitality, and at the same time can relieve emotions and relieve stress.


It is blessed to open the door. Of course, seeing the blessing when you enter the door does not refer to a specific "Fu". It can be a pleasing picture or handicraft, because it mainly reflects the house owner's cultural taste and regulates the nervous and tired mood.

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