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Five tips for maintaining security doors, please check

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The anti-theft door is an indispensable entry door for every family. The anti-theft door is related to the safety of the property and life of the whole family, so not only must you be careful when purchasing, but also must be maintained and maintained in daily use, so that the service life and safety performance of the anti-theft door can be improved. However, many friends do not know the knowledge of maintenance very well, which affects the development of maintenance work. Next, let me take a look at the maintenance skills of anti-theft doors!


1. Push and pull gently

Although the anti-theft door is a steel door, the steel hardness reaches the national standard, but when opening and closing the door, it is still necessary to push and pull as much as possible. Long-term violent impact will loosen the anti-theft door components and reduce the service life.

2. Door leaf maintenance

In daily use, often use a dry soft cloth to wipe the anti-theft door facade to keep the facade clean, which can prevent the corrosion of corrosive substances and increase the brightness of the anti-theft door. It is recommended that you do not tear off the protective film on the door leaf before the decoration is completed, because metal tools can easily scratch the door leaf or cause irreparable damage.

3. Hardware maintenance

After installation and use for a certain period of time, there may be a metal rubbing sound. This does not mean that the product has quality problems or parts are damaged. It is probably because the hinges and bolts lack lubrication. Regularly add a little lubricating grease to the mechanical rotating parts such as door hinges and lock tongues to keep the door and locks open and close flexibly, and to make the parts last longer.


4. Lock maintenance

Anti-theft door locks have become the most problematic place on anti-theft doors because they are frequently used. After a long time of use, if it is difficult to insert or remove the key, do not lubricate it with oil. Use a pencil to rub the key a few times or blow the pencil core foam into the keyhole to lubricate the marble.

When the handle is used normally, dirt will inevitably accumulate. At this time, it can be removed with a dry cloth, and do not scrub with detergent or other chemicals, otherwise, the electroplating layer of the handle will be damaged and the color will fade!

5. Cat eye care

The cat's eye is a channel we use to look outside the door. There are two concave-convex lenses in the cat's eye channel. These two lenses are also very easy to stain, so we should also wipe with a soft cloth regularly to avoid oily or corrosive substances. Contamination, avoid moisture, high temperature or direct sunlight.

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