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Five details that cannot be ignored in home improvement doors

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The door occupies a very important position in the home decoration. It is equivalent to the facade of a home, and it is also the only way to enter every family. Therefore, in the selection and installation of home furnishings, there are some details that cannot be ignored.

1. Door cover installation

There are two common ways to install door covers, 45-degree splicing and 90-degree right-angle splicing. Relatively speaking, the aesthetics and craftsmanship of the 45-degree splicing are higher than that of the 90-degree right-angle splicing, but at the same time, the installation time for the 45-degree angle will be longer. Therefore, in order to save labor costs, many carpenters usually install 90-degree right-angle splicing when the customer does not require it.


2.Door seam size

There are two reasons for the size of the door gap: one is the craftsmanship of the workers; the other is related to the expansion and deformation of the wooden door material. In the editor's opinion, the wooden door with stable material has better sealing performance and does not leave too much gap, so that the privacy and sound insulation will be better, but if the door gap is too large or inclined, it is necessary to consider rework.

3.Hardware accessories

When installing the door, there are three hardware accessories that must not be ignored: hinge, door stopper and door lock. The hinge is the most critical part of a door, so be sure to choose heavy and durable ones. When the door is heavy, three hinges can be selected. Door suction is one of the most easily damaged accessories, and its suction strength is very important. The choice of indoor door locks is also very important. After all, it represents the safety of the entire home, and you must choose the better anti-theft.


4.Six sides sealing

In order to better maintain the life of the door, the general family will seal the door on six sides. In addition to the front and back sides and sides, the upper and lower sides should also be edge-sealed, especially in wet places like the bathroom. If the edge-sealing is not in place, the moisture-proof performance of the door will be very poor, which will easily affect the service life.

5.Anti-collision strip

The function of the anti-collision strip is to protect the door from damage caused by strong collision. On the other hand, if there are children in the home, the anti-collision strip can also play a certain protective role to avoid knocks.

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