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Feng Shui Taboo About Doors?

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Living room door

When you first enter the house, the first thing you see is the living room door. When you enter the living room, you should never see the kitchen stove. If your living room happens to be like this, please change the position of the stove or place a screen outside the kitchen door to cover it. 

At the same time, the living room door should avoid direct access to the back door. This pattern is like wealth entering from the front and exiting from the back, which is not conducive to the accumulation of wealth. The door of the living room should not be at the door of the kitchen or the toilet or beside it, it will also bring disadvantages to the residents.


Bedroom door

Speaking of bedroom doors, the most well-known thing is that mirrors should not be flushed. In addition, the bedroom door should not directly punch the head or foot of the bed. If there is a bathroom in the bedroom, the bathroom door should not be punched. The bedroom door opens just to see the window, and there is evil spirit outside the window, such as sharp corners, telephone poles, and angled roofs are taboos.


The old saying goes: "The door is to the pot, and money is difficult to get." The bedroom door is facing the kitchen door, which affects the occupants' wealth. If the occupants are unfavorable, there will be greater financial losses. It is not advisable to have two bedroom doors, let alone two facing each other. In this case, the main cause is loneliness and illness. The door of the room is opposed to the door of the bedroom. The bedroom is in line with the main entrance, the main culprit.


Dining room door

Living at home, eating is the top priority. The comfort of the dining room is also a factor that affects the health of the residents. The dining table should not face the door, if it is unavoidable, it can be covered by a screen.


Taboo outside the door

Friends who live in courtyards or villas have gates outside their houses, and the gates are facing big trees, which is suspected of causing misfortune. If the gate and the main entrance of the house are in a straight line, it is a crime. The big door of the house and the small house are a nuisance. The door is opposite to the toilet, which is not good for the health of the occupants, and it is bad for people.

If the door faces the chimney, the polluted air and exhaust gas discharged by the chimney are all depleted air, which is the main culprit in the room. For friends who live in high-rise residential buildings, if there is an elevator in the building, the elevator door will rush against the door of the room, which is not conducive to the wealth of the residents. If the elevator door is located in the west, it belongs to the evil, which can bring wealth and accidents.

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