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Entry door purchase skills

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The door is a very important main material for decoration. There are many types of it. If divided according to its function, it can be divided into two types: entrance door and interior door. The entrance door is actually the first door for everyone to enter the house, also called the entrance door. Because people have higher requirements for theft-proof of entrance doors, they are also called anti-theft doors. Most of the time, entrance doors are installed when most houses are completed. However, many of the entrance doors will be replaced for safety reasons. So how to buy the entrance door?

1. When people choose the entrance door, they often consider it from the perspective of safety. Bijing is the number one barrier in the room. When choosing the entrance door, you should not only consider the way of opening the door, but also consider whether to open the door from the left or the right, the inner door or the outer door, to prevent buying the wrong product and avoid unnecessary waste and trouble. In addition, the entrance door must be strong enough, not only the texture must be strong, but also the lock must be strong. It is recommended that you choose a steel door lock. Compared with a cast iron door lock, it has higher hardness and firmness. It is not easy for a thief to saw and is therefore safer.


2. In order to meet the requirements of different customer groups, various entrance doors of different materials have been introduced on the market. The common ones are iron doors, stainless steel doors, armored doors and copper, etc., which have their own characteristics in quality and performance. , Natural prices are also different. Below we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of iron doors, stainless steel doors, armored doors and copper doors, so that everyone can choose.

3. Consumers are faced with a variety of entrance doors, how should they choose? First, we must first understand their respective advantages and disadvantages. Comparison of commonly used entrance doors in families:

(1) The advantages of iron entrance doors are lower in price, reasonable, and suitable for ordinary families. Disadvantages The exterior lines are hard and it is difficult to integrate with modern interior decoration;

(2) The stainless steel entrance door is durable and safer. Disadvantages The color is too monotonous and blunt, basically silver-white, not easy to harmonize with the door and the surrounding environment ;

(3) The armored door has stable performance and is not easy to deform, durable and beautiful in appearance. Disadvantages The door is heavier, and the requirements for door covers and hinges are much higher;

(4) The copper entrance door has advanced styles and has good fire resistance, corrosion resistance, prying and dust resistance. The disadvantage is that the price is relatively high, suitable for high-end residential villas. You can choose according to your own decoration budget, home decoration style and performance requirements.


4. The entrance door can be said to be the door face of a house, so in addition to safety and convenience, everyone pays more attention to the aesthetics of the door. Everyone always strives for excellence when decorating new homes. At present, the main household doors used in residences are flat-opening entrance doors, while barrier-type entry doors are mainly used in conjunction with building intercom electronic control system products.

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