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Does the entrance door open inward or outward?

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Does your home entrance door open outward or inward? Many homeowners don't even know why the door of their home opens out or inside. In fact, there is something special about it.

First of all, should our entrance door open outward or inward? If conditions permit, drive outwards. Doors that open outward can:

1. Considering the space area, opening the door outwards can increase the area of the entrance hall.


2. From the perspective of safety, opening the door outwards is more convenient for escape.

3. Considering the anti-theft, the door that opens outward is not easy to be knocked open.

Of course, there are disadvantages to opening the door outwards. For example, if the corridor space is too narrow or the door distance is too close, it will affect the access of people.

If we open the door inward, it will also be beneficial:

1. Driving inward will not occupy the corridor public space.


2. If the corridor is too narrow and there are many residents, it is better to open the door inward.

However, there are many disadvantages of opening the door inward:

1.Occupies indoor space, which will reduce the available area in the house.

2. The security and anti-theft are inferior to the entrance door that opens outwards.

Therefore, in a comprehensive comparison, when the entrance hall area is small and the walkway is empty, for the sake of comfort and safety, the best choice is to open the entrance door outwards.

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