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Do all bedroom doors need to be framed?

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Nowadays, more and more young people are starting to join the army of buying houses to settle their first comfort zone in their lives, but they may not have much experience in the face of decoration, home feng shui and other issues. I don't know if you usually pay attention to the door frame when decorating your home. In fact, the wooden doors we buy in our homes do not have a door frame. Some friends say that the door frame must be installed in the home, which is too intentional. , There will be friends who think that the object of the door frame is really small, and it is a waste of money to install it. What exactly is this? Today, let's take a look at popular science, the experience about door frames.

The door frame, when it comes to the end, is a protective cover for the door. After the door frame is designed, we can effectively protect the door from scratches, soiling, corrosion, etc. during use. Generally, we need to ask a professional master or Specialized company door-to-door measuring rulers are customized.


Therefore, the original intention of the door frame is to protect the position of the door foot to avoid wear and scratches. On the other hand, it can also reinforce the door frame, which is not easy to deform in use. However, with the progress of the time, the door styles are diverse and the quality of the door frame is also It is getting better and better. The protective intention of installing door frames is actually getting smaller and smaller. Gradually, the door frames are beginning to transform to beautification functions. Many friends’ homes have door frames installed not to protect the corners, but just for better beautification. The door frame makes the door frame look thicker and rich in layered beauty.

Therefore, some of my friends feel that the significance of modern door frames is just to look good, and its practical significance is already very small. Therefore, the installation of door frames in the home is abandoned. But in fact, I think that the door frames still have a certain legacy. I suggest that everyone When installing wooden doors, it is best to design the door frame.


First of all, if we use poor-quality paint or use no paint on the corner wall when we are decorating, the intention of the door frame is a protection intention, and it can also strengthen the fixed door leaf and protect the foot of the wall. The door is stronger, so when decorating the home, there is still a intention to install a door frame. The steps to install the door frame are actually not that complicated. Generally, when we buy the door, we can ask the merchant to match the corresponding door frame, or after buying it, let the woodworking master measure the ruler. The price is not high, but the intention is indeed not small. 

Therefore, when you need to decorate your home in the future, it is best to design the door frame. At present, there is no substitute for the protection of the door frame. Don't think it is cumbersome and not install it. After all, you can live in the building. It has been a matter of decades, and decoration is definitely not tolerable. We must plan from multiple perspectives when installing, listen to the experience of some professionals and people over, and learn lessons, otherwise trouble will occur later and repairs will be too late. That's it.

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