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Design concept of cast aluminum explosion-proof door

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The function of the door is the most practical and fundamental problem of the door. The commonly used functions include: door opening performance, door thermal insulation performance, door sound insulation performance, door fire resistance performance, door anti-theft performance, wind pressure deformation performance of outer door, air permeability and rain water seepage Leakage performance, the overall strength of the door. These are the first considerations in our design.

1. Design concept of cast aluminum explosion-proof door

In the design, the use function of the non-standard door should be determined according to the different use places and use parts of the non-standard door. Then, reflect these functions in the design process. In order to achieve these functions, two aspects of material selection and process are usually considered.

In the selection of materials, raw materials with higher damage strength are usually selected; raw materials with looser structure, better heat preservation and sound insulation effects; raw materials that are not flammable or have been treated with flame retardant, etc.


From the process, consider the nodes that facilitate the realization of the above functions. Such as: add sealing strips at the junction of door frame and door leaf, door leaf and door leaf; ensure proper gap and other suitable structures at the junction of door frame and door leaf, door leaf and door leaf.

2. Decorative effect of cast aluminum explosion-proof door

The advent of the era of technology has made non-standard doors more elegant in quality and refined packaging with modern craftsmanship, allowing consumers to appreciate the new experience of new life ahead of time. Open the door and you will truly enter the world of inquiries and leisure that you have carefully created. Away from the hustle and bustle, all the worries are swept away, the different non-standard doors create a pattern and style to be full of fun, and the taste of the logs in the non-standard doors is filled with relaxed comfort and atmosphere.

Therefore. People pay more and more attention to the decorative effect of doors. This requires that in the design, we must first choose the shape of the door, or European-style carved, or Japanese combination, or the ancient charm, or simple and lively, to show different atmosphere of the room. Secondly, choose the appropriate door leaf and exterior materials for the door frame. The ingenious design enables every detail to chew a rich cultural charm. Then, choose the hardware that matches the quality of the door to make the hardware play a finishing touch and interpret the indoor environment vividly and intimately.


Choose different door leaf thickness to reflect the deep dignified or relaxed and lively feeling, so that the non-standard door is no longer just a functional facility that shelters people from wind and rain and divides space, but is a combination of traditional culture and modern technology. The product is not only the first threshold for "entering the room of Zhilan", but also a "heart door" to the depths of people's hearts.

Different paint types and colors, such as: clear oil, mixed oil; gloss, matte; full matte, semi-matte, seven-point matte, etc., also show different styles. The non-standard door is no longer a simple product that can be used by people. It is a handicraft, an aesthetic point of view, a carrier of fraternity, a symbol of freedom, an ideal lifestyle and The realm of life carries the master’s culture and conveys the master’s information and values.

After the above explanation of the design concept of explosion-proof doors, I believe that readers have more changes in the choice of their own doors.

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