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Daily maintenance skills of anti-theft doors

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As a daily necessities, security doors are very important for maintenance.

1. Fill the cement carefully. On the one hand, the door frame and the wall are effectively combined; on the other hand, the door body and the door frame are kept in a reasonable coordination, and it is not changed for a long time.

Security door

2. It is important to prepare for the winter before the arrival of winter in the alpine region.

a. When the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large, convection of hot and cold air will make the lock cylinder damp. Therefore, you can put two drops of antifreeze oil before winter, and then put some gasoline on it for cleaning after winter. Never use vegetable oil as a lubricant.

Security door

b. Under normal conditions, it is found that the lock cylinder is not flexible to open. Use a small amount of pencil end to put into the beverage straw, align the lock cylinder, and gently blow into the lock cylinder so that the lubrication state can be maintained.

c. If you find that it is difficult to close the door, the general situation is that the small lock tongue with a bevel is damp, and there are rust spots that are not easy to see with the naked eye. You can easily solve it with a fine sand cloth or a little pencil dust.

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