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Comparison of the advantages of bronze doors and other doors

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Facing the new market economic environment, pure copper door enterprises have both competition and opportunities. pure copper door is mostly suitable for villa areas. As real estate continues to grow hot, many products have been developed and transferred to second-tier cities.

Some industry experts said that there must be room for pure copper door's development, and pressure will be more motivated. In the past, the bronze doors that we have come into contact with feel atmospheric and heavy. Compared with the various changes of bronze doors in previous years this year, they are more fashionable and trendy, in line with the tastes of more and more young people in modern times. For example, the addition of carvings makes the door panels of bronze doors more colorful, and there are more choices for color bronze doors. From a safety perspective, the solidity of the bronze door can be imagined. It is understood that, except for the slightly higher price and the need for maintenance, the performance of the copper door is very satisfactory in all aspects. This makes the utilization rate of copper doors in the second-tier market higher and higher, and it is also accepted by more and more consumers.


1.Excellent color effect. If your interior door is a copper door, you will carry some unique textures with you. In addition, the color will be such that you can never achieve the same decoration and texture with other materials. Sometimes, designers get dyed or painted to enhance their artistic flavor and beauty.

2. Others make them glazed and make them look very smooth and very touching. You may have seen old-fashioned buildings, quite frequently in pure copper door. Despite the age of several centuries, the age is in the new glory. They are truly classic projects, which is why you will find that most elderly people have interior door art homes.

3. Almost no maintenance is a major advantage. What you derive from installing interior doors is that they require very little maintenance. Of course, the material is sensitive to moisture, but this can be easily adopted for preventive maintenance. You only need to pay for the copper door with paint, and its life span will rise in many ways.


If you can finish it with a top coat, the life span can be incredible. Interior doors usually have the chance of scratches and dents, as they are less exposed compared to whether it is from copper doors to nature, or human external attacks, properly seal the surface of the door, so that they can work strength and durability The miracle of sex.

4. Reduce energy and utility costs. As their warmth shines a lot, your interior doors can greatly reduce your energy and utility costs. Your monthly bill will lead to lower, especially in winter. Copper doors can reduce the requirements for indoor heaters and other equipment, which inevitably means lower power consumption and correspondingly lower electricity bills. These doors are also excellent insulators. When you think they have lost some of their insulating ability, to a certain extent, you can add the foam core of the copper door at any time. This has the effect of preventing heat loss.

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