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Are the lock cylinders the same?

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Generally, after a new house is renovated, one thing that many people will think of is to replace the lock cylinder if they worry about the original key leakage and insecurity! Because nothing is more important than safety at home!

So the question is, how to replace the lock cylinder? Many people will ask, are the lock cylinders the same? Today, the editor is here to popularize this little knowledge for you. The lock cylinder actually has many specifications. If you don’t understand it, it is difficult to buy a matching lock cylinder. Next, get the following three tips to help you easily purchase accurate matching The lock cylinder!

Step 1: check

Check the original lock cylinder

Is the key to unlock the door with the symmetrical lock core or the knob to unlock?

For key unlocking, use the single-opening lock cylinder on the left, and for knob unlocking, use the double-opening lock cylinder on the right.

Door lock

Step 2: Measurement

Determine whether the lock cylinder belongs to the middle or partial score through measurement?

As shown below, measure the length of L1 and L3.

If L1=L3, it is the center lock cylinder.

If L1≠L3, it is a partial lock cylinder.

And accurately measure the four data of L1, L2, L3, L4, and calculate: lock core length L=L1+L2+L3+L4*2.

Door lock

Step 3: Collect data

If your home is a center lock cylinder, you only need the data of L.

If your home is a partial lock cylinder, you need the data of L, L1, L3.

Brother said, what if my hands are shaking and the measurement is not accurate?

In fact, it does not matter if the length of the lock cylinder is slightly longer than L, but the lock cylinder is exposed a little more, but it is not good to be shorter! Finally, take the lock cylinder of the top security door lock as an example, and introduce the basic list of the lock cylinder: lock cylinder, 2 engineering keys, 5 household keys, and 1 lock cylinder fixing screw.

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