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Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of four types of anti-theft doors

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Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of four types of anti-theft doors

1. Stainless steel security door

Advantages: The anti-theft performance is sturdy and durable, and the security is stronger. Compared with ordinary iron or steel mixed anti-theft doors, stainless steel doors not only have the characteristics of long-lasting and bright color and never rust, but also the uniqueness of the product.

Disadvantages: stainless steel anti-theft doors are mostly silver white, so the first impression is the appearance and color.They are all a bit monotonous, making people feel more blunt.

2. Copper anti-theft door

Advantages: The expensive copper anti-theft doors have entered villas, office buildings and some high-end public places in recent years, and are rarely used by individual users. Compared with the current door materials, copper security doors should be one of the best materials.

It has excellent performance in fire prevention, pry-proof, anti-corrosion, etc.


3. Iron and steel security doors

Advantages: In ordinary real estate, the developers configure more iron and steel anti-theft doors. This kind of medium and low-end door product development is the earliest and the most widely used, and the use time is longer.

Disadvantages: It is easy to be corroded, so it will rust and fade after a period of use, which will affect the appearance of the entire door. The modeling lines are hard, which is inconsistent with the modern home decoration style. Among the steel security doors, there is now a new type of film-coated door. The surface effect is pvc wood grain film, this kind of door overcomes the shortcomings of rust and so on.


4. Aluminum anti-theft door

Advantages: This kind of metal door has high material hardness and gorgeous color, so the style of the door itself is good, plus patterns and decorations, etc., revealing a magnificent and luxurious temperament. In addition, aluminum alloy anti-theft doors are not susceptible to corrosion and fading due to material reasons.

Disadvantages: Some door hinges are studs and cannot be disassembled. There are friction and metal noises when opening and closing the door.

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