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Advantages of cast aluminum explosion-proof door material

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The main reason for the high price of cast aluminum explosion-proof doors is the material and process. The structure of the explosion-proof door is mainly made of cast aluminum plate and aluminum profile spliced or welded. Aluminum profile is a common material in social production. It has a wide range of uses in aviation, construction, condenser, auto parts, and other industries. Its excellent performance and many advantages are well received in the broad industries.

1. The advantages of cast aluminum explosion-proof doors

(1) No rust for 100 years. It does not need to spend manpower and material resources to maintain the surface every year, and it will not rust in the humid, high acid, alkali and salt content air. For the owner's decoration, choosing new decoration materials can avoid the trouble caused by rework.


(2) Hardness: The hardness of the aluminum profile can resist pulling force and greater impact.

(3) Corrosion resistance: The surface of Jinli aluminum art guardrail is tightly attached to a layer of hard aluminum oxide film, and then surface treatment such as paint or powder can further enhance its protective performance, so it has a strong corrosion resistance Because of its nature, it can be used safely in air-polluted cities or coastal areas corroded by sea salt, and can solve your worries about maintenance.

(4) Delicate and smooth surface: The unique advantages of aluminum can be applied to a variety of different surface polishing techniques, such as paint, powder coating, anodizing, and electrophoresis. The powder coating with the smoothest surface can protect against ultraviolet light, and it can maintain a bright luster for a long time without frequent maintenance. The powder coating is durable and has a variety of colors to choose from.


(5) Safety performance: The gate of Jinli Aluminum Art adopts high-strength industrial aluminum, which is formed by T15 heat treatment. And after careful design, there are no drills, joints, or solder joints on the surface, and the overall strength is great.

(6) Overall appearance: linear appearance, soft tones, can coordinate the surrounding landscape, can integrate modern urban space and natural environment, allowing you to travel around.

(7) Practicability: Special process treatment, forming a permanent protective film, smooth and flat, never rusty, easy to clean, no maintenance.

(8) Comfort: Enjoy the beautiful scenery and create a comfortable and safe home for you.

2. Advantages and characteristics of aluminum profile:

(1) Aluminum profiles have lower density and lighter weight than other commonly used metals. The density is only 2.70 g/cm3, which is 1/3 of copper or iron.

(2) It adopts two processes of heat and cold, which has strong corrosion resistance.

(3) The global aluminum content is very high and reserves are abundant.

(4) It has good ductility and can be made into light alloys with many metal elements with high quality materials.


(5) Strong plasticity, good productivity, stable performance, no rust and corrosion resistance.

(6) Good casting performance.

(7) Good surface treatment performance and various colors.

(8) Stable chemical properties, non-magnetic, can be recycled and reused, is a benign and recyclable metal material.

(9) The coefficient of elasticity is small, and there is no spark in collision and friction.

(10) Resistance to nuclear radiation.

(11) No metal pollution, no toxicity, no volatile metal on the surface oxide layer.

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